Management Consulting


After operating an enterprise in China for a certain time very often doubts come up if the enterprise has the right set up and is on the right path.

An Analysis of your operation by our EunaCon experts will give you the right answers. 

Additionally rapidly changing laws and regulations are constantly providing new challenges in running an enterprise in China successfully.

We support you in identifying and eliminating such risks. 

Our services comprise:

  • Compliance review

  • Supplier review

  • Business Audit

  • Execution management and support


From finding the right location to setting up your operational and organizational structure – EunaCon is your reliable and experienced partner. 

Our services incorporate:

  • Location site research

  • Strategy consulting and execution

  • Operation and organization structure set up


We determine the origin of the crisis, develop applicable solutions and put your enterprise back on track with the best fitting tools. 

Key are our integrated turnaround conceptions developed and supported by our experts from different fields of competence in EunaCon Consulting Group.

Together we combine our complete knowledge on strategic, operative and financial aspects into a clearly targeted strategy. 

Our services comprise:

  • Business Audit

  • Restructuring conceptions

  • Execution and support

  • Liquidity forecast and management

  • Working capital management